report one - Social Media in Manchester |

Our first report is about socialising in Manchester with the use of social media helping people to achieve that goal.

Milly Halim - “The Manchester Social Media”

“In Manchester, there are various social media events that take place. These are simply informal events that are usually held in places like pubs, bars or any suitable space big enough to accommodate interested individuals or groups as the case may be.”

Ambareen Rahman - “Manchester’s Social Media Scene”

“There are many locations around Manchester that has many social events happening which is based in anything and that is everywhere.”

Samir Sanghani - “Manchester Social Scene”

“Manchester one of the biggest city in United kingdom with lots social media that everyone can enjoy going to it.”

Suzi Zobair - “Generally Social”

“Manchester offers a huge range of meet ups and socialising events – not just for meeting new friends using such sites as city socialising which are typically bar meet ups but also activities like girl geek events, Manchester Young Creatives, talks and workshops at Cornerhouse – to name but a few that I attended.”

Mohammed Umar - “Manchester Social Media Scene”

“As I type in Manchester in google images, the results are quiet amazing. the first thing that catches your eyes is the bright red Manchester United football team and its logo; scattered around with other great places of interest within Manchester.”